Wet Weather Hints

Hello everyone,
Hope you’re all enjoying our summer! Remember, that because of the wet weather, you must double your braking distance. For those of you that know the 2 second rule, you should double it to 4 seconds. For those of you who aren’t aware, the 2 (or 4) second rule is where you pick an arbitrary landmark on the side of the road (for instance , a lamp post or road sign) and when the vehicle in front of you passes it, count 2 (or 4) and if you pass the same landmark at 2 (or 4) seconds, then you are the correct distance behind said vehicle. Only a fool breaks the 2 second rule! You should make every effort to avoid standing water, so as not to splash any pedestrians or cyclists you may not have noticed, also so you do not splash under your car which may render your brakes ineffective. You never know what might be hidden by a body of standing water, it could quite easily be a deep pothole!

The present offer I am running until the end of August is book 12 E.D.T. lessons and get a motorway lesson free, for only €360 in the school car or €300 in your own car. This replaces my previous offer, and you should book soon to avoid disappointment.

Don’t forget you can get in touch with me on Facebook, via email or on the phone (087-6221924), so please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Stay safe!