Autumn Update

Hi everyone!

Now that we are well into the season of Autumn it’s time to brush up on our night driving skills. Driving at night can be frightening when you are a new driver, everything looks different in the dark. The first task we should all be looking at is regularly checking our lights to be sure we have no bulbs that are not working. As we do so much driving in the dark at this time of the year, it is advisable that we all check our lights once a week. Turn on your lights and walk around your car checking all the lights. In order to check your brake and reversing you will need someone to help you, or else reverse up close to a reflective area like a window and put your foot on your brake and check in your rear view mirror. Then put your car into reverse gear and check again.

Being seen by other road users is very important so check those bulbs, make sure your lights are clean and in good condition. If you’re driving to go for a walk, you should bring a high visibility vest with you in the car, and remind your cyclist friends to do the same.

Remember be SAFE be SEEN.