Spring is coming, but keep your eyes open!

Spring is almost upon us, and while the weather is clearing, it is still very wet and windy out there. Great care needs to be taken while driving, as reduced visibility and slippery road surfaces are still likely to be encountered. As a result of last weeks storm, there is much debris still on the road nearby my own home. While the trees have been removed there are twigs and branches still on many side roads so do slow down, leave a good distance between you the vehicle in front of you and be very aware of pedestrians, cyclists and other road users.

Coupled with the rainy conditions, intermittent sunny spells are also a regular occurrence. Although the evenings are getting longer, the sun is still quite low in the sky. This can be very dazzling, and drivers should keep a pair of sunglasses to hand to avoid glare from both this low sun and light reflecting on wet road surfaces.

Stay safe out there.